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I have a few animals. Cats, dogs, potbelly pigs. Every single time I have been here for my babies, the staff (everyone) has been so helpful, nice. They genuinely care about our fur babies. I have never in my life been to such an amazing vet clinic. I tell everyone, if you’ve ever watched all creatures great and small, this is the place. They are all about the animals. No matter what they are. I won’t ever go anywhere else. I tell everyone about this great place. Thank you all for the amazing jobs you do.

Penelope S.

I had an amazing experience the first time I visited St. Francis. I had requested an appointment online for July 31st, as it was my last Friday off for summer hours where I work. When I got the response email, I didn't even look at the date, just the time. So I show up to what I thought was my appointment on the 31st, only to hear, "I don't even see you on here." I am thinking, here we go again, they messed up my appointment, but boy was I wrong. So I ask, "is it next week?" Sure enough, it is, so I think to myself, great. I work next Friday, I have already had to use 2 days of unexpected vacation time, and I am going to have to take more again, but the receptionist, says "we are booked up today, and have appointments until we close, but let me just go ask him. What are you here for?" I explain what I am there for, she goes and asks the Dr. and what do you know...the Doc says they will squeeze me in. I have 6 new puppies that need just a wellness check. They asked me if I mind to wait, and I said of course not, so I waited. The doc comes to my car, asks if I have puppies, I pull into their barn area, and he checks all the puppies, right there, outside in under the barn so I don't have to get the big kennel out of the back of my car. It was such an amazing experience, and they have gained my services anytime I am in need of a vet! WONDERFUL staff, and a great doctor! Thank you, St. Francis!

Meagan I.

We love everyone at St. Francis. Their care for all of our animals, big and small, are treated as if they are their own ... whether it's an emergency, routine care, or a great grooming

Ginny H.

There are no better people, and no better service than at St Francis. We appreciate knowing that they are a phone call or email away. Thank you all for your service to the large animal owners of the area.

Michael S.

We are new to the area and one of our senior pups needed a tumor removed. The staff was great, as was the Vet that called to fill me in on the pup's progress. This is our go-to Vet Clinic now.

Dave R.

There is only so much you can do to be the best. We believe you give your all every time we bring one of our K-9 family to see you, and it doesn't matter which one of you we visit with we have confidence in you all. Not only do we consider you some of the best vets in the area we consider you all as friends. We see this in the way you take care of our dogs and the way you deal with us. We appreciate you all that make up the heart of St. Francis Veterinary Clinic.
Our Deepest Thanks,
Joe N Gail Collins

Joe C.

I have many animals and I live in a small town but when I found this clinic though it was 30 minutes away, I was quite impressed. I've worked with many animals both exotic and domestic and know that animals respond best to the amount of kindness their shown. All three doctor's that I have delt with here have been nothing but kind to my animals and to me. They are very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone who needed a doctor or hospital for their pet.

Patricia B.

I was very pleased with St. Francis's Vet services for my puppy. They were attentive and provided great care and freebies which is always a plus! Thank you for taking care of my Lisboa and giving her 1st shots! Also I gave them a call after hours the same day as I had a concern in my puppy's bowl movement. The vet gave me a call back within the hour and assured me that my concern was normal and nothing was wrong. I'm glad to find a vet that is affordable, provides great services and is available when emergencies strike.

Marisa A.

Always there for me when I need them!!  Amazing group of doctors and assistants.  Have been driving the hour one way over 14 years.  Couldn't ask for better vet.  I breed show Bullmastiff.  So a knowledgeable vet is very important to me.

Sonya W.

Dr. Ron is extremely personable and compassionate concerning our Aussiedoodle Sasha. After examining our pet he spent time putting our mind at rest that a possible UTI infection was not a factor. He went into great detail to explain why, which was reassuring as we were obviously concerned. He was very patient with our timid furbaby during the examination. All in all a wonderful experience. Thank you sir, David and Yasmine Smith.

David S.

Excellent service and care for my pets. Prices are reasonable and they take great care of animals.

Amy C.

Our 13 year old Portuguese Water Dog wasn’t acting herself, called to see if we could get her in as we had just moved into the area. They got us in that day & checked Maggie out, bloodwork & ultrasound. Everyone was so pleasant and great with Maggie and us! Loved our experience and how they took care of Maggie. Thank you Dr. Ron & staff🙏❤️🙏

Karen J.

I always ask for Dr. Ann. I can tell she truly cares for my dogs and my dogs feel very comfortable with her too. She is the real deal Veterinarian. If she ever left for another office I would follow her. She’s the best, so is her assistant. If your searching for a Veterinarian in Northwest Arkansas/Berryville, this is the place to go. Their pricing is very fair too.

Tom S.

You could not be better. Staff is always friendly and well trained. I have never had to wait a long time for an appointment. Your vets seem to really care about animals. I have used you for dogs, cats, and cows. You provide a great service at a reasonable price. I always recommend you. Thank you for taking good care of all my fur babies big and small.

Candis S.

10/10 recommend St. Francis Vet in Green Forest for help with wild animals! Very nice people, super helpful, fast, affordable & efficient! My husband & I drove ‼️4 HOURS‼️ to see Dr. Ron & his Vet Tech, Jessica! They were absolutely wonderful! We will make that drive many more times as needed!

Deanna M.