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Our diagnostic tools are primarily radiography (X-rays) and lab work. When your pet is not feeling well, you want answers quickly. With our in-house diagnostic equipment we can sometimes get answers in just minutes.

Radiography is an excellent, non-invasive diagnostic tool. At St. Francis Veterinary Clinic, we have the latest X-ray equipment. The images are obtained very quickly and can lead to an accurate diagnosis of the underlying problem. The benefits of x-rays are the veterinarian can enlarge a specific area with the click of a mouse and get a clear picture of problem areas as well as look for bone fractures, enlarged organs, tumors, or foreign objects.


We also have an in-house laboratory for performing routine bloodwork. Our in-house equipment allows us to perform such tests as complete blood counts, full blood profiles, thyroid tests, heartworm testing, fecal testing, parvovirus tests, giardia tests, skin scrapings, and ringworm cultures, among others. Generally, our vets will start with the most minorly invasive test that will provide the answers needed. Many of these tests cause no or minimal discomfort to your animal.

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